New White Paper: A National Crisis Needs a National Response

by Paul Minshull, CEO and Founder, COVID-19 Solution ArchitectNovember 12, 2020 COVID-19 is an existential challenge to government, public health and corporate decision makers. It is an integrated challenge that demands nothing but the best decisions to protect the safety of the public, the economy and support the very fabric of society. This crisis also […]

Canada’s Perplexing Pandemic Forecasting

by Paul Minshull, CEO and Founder, COVID-19 Solution ArchitectNovember 5, 2020 As we move into late Fall and watch the Wave II acceleration, we can see the growing impact of Canada’s lack of a cohesive pandemic modeling. Using recently published Ontario and Public Health Authority of Canada (PHAC) updates as examples, it’s obvious Canada can […]

Wave II Will Be Long, Local and Late in Ontario

by Paul Minshull, CEO and Founder, Covid-19 Solution ArchitectOctober 2, 2020 As a province we stand at the precipice of an unparalleled risk ahead of us. The major outcome of how Ontario manages the risk of Wave II will be the result of the decisions that are made in response to COVID-19 spread. The best […]

Let’s Make Informed Decisions Around School Reopening

Paul Minshull, CEO and Founder, Covid-19 Solution Architect Contributions by: Arsa Nikzad, Data Science Lead and Marija-Zivkovic-Gojovic, Phd with published paper on pandemic modeling We believe this report provides insight on how a rigorous forecasting approach can inform better decisions, on the subject of school reopening.  We believe that Canada and Ontario, need to evolve […]

A National Crisis Deserves a National Pandemic Decision System

As a company that specializes in forecasting and decision support for diseases, we recognized in March the potential crisis that was coming. Lives lost, economic turmoil, mental health impact, bankruptcies, lives ruined… We knew we could help! The decision making framework around COVID-19 impact is identical across the country. The forecast assumptions, such as the […]