New White Paper: A National Crisis Needs a National Response

by Paul Minshull, CEO and Founder, COVID-19 Solution Architect
November 12, 2020

COVID-19 is an existential challenge to government, public health and corporate decision makers. It is an integrated challenge that demands nothing but the best decisions to protect the safety of the public, the economy and support the very fabric of society.

This crisis also demands innovation because the system as it stood pre-COVID was unprepared to properly inform decision makers in either the public or private sector. Canada is a patchwork of modelling solutions with no clear central leadership harnessing the full potential of knowledge and technology in the country.

Decisions are being made every day in health regions, provincial capitals, Ottawa and board rooms. But are they reactive or proactive? Are they informed, uninformed or lacking key information and insights? Did the decisions achieve their goals? What organizational influences are shaping decisions? The time to understand these dynamics is now, not later. Improving decisions now saves lives, saves money, and may well save our healthcare systems and our economy.

Our new white paper makes the case for innovative decision support technology to unify and align a national best practice to lead Canada through and out of the current pandemic.

The good news is, with at least another year of the COVID-19 battle ahead of us, there is time to improve the quality of Canadian decisions. Forecasting remains one of the greatest weapons in the Canadian response to the pandemic. We have a dwindling opportunity to clean up and align our forecasting to save lives, protect the economy and support the daily wellbeing of Canadians.

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