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    Making Better Decisions in the COVID-19 Crisis

    As the world struggles to manage the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic healthcare decision makers, consultants, municipalities, governments, pharmaceutical suppliers and distributors need proven tools to successfully manage this crisis. Our solution is a leading technology that unifies diverse data sets, into a consolidated platform, that leverages machine learning and advanced forecast methodologies. Our goal is to support all facets of pandemic response, make critical decisions when and where they matter most.

    Our team has accumulated over 15 years of experience, working with global  life sciences organizations. Our proprietary Integrated Insight Environment (i2e) is a mature forecasting platform, developed around a disciplined framework, with proven market results. With the relevant expertise, technology and skills for disrupting COVID-19 – we are ready to help now!

    How does COVID-19 affect decision making?

    • Key decisions are made every day in this crisis
    • Healthcare decisions mean the difference between life and death
    • Policy divisions have profound effects on livelihoods and social wellbeing
    • Decision makers need support in this unprecedented situation
    • Decision making must accelerate in coming weeks
    • Accurate, robust forecasting capabilities mean better decisions

    Who Can We Support Making Better Decisions?

    • Government policy makers
    • National health authorities and providers
    • Municipal Finance Managers
    • Regional and local healthcare providers
    • Hospital networks
    • Long-term care agencies
    • Consultants
    • Pharmaceutical supply chain managers

    How Can We Support Decision Makers Responding to COVID-19?

    • Provide robust, connective insights for decision makers
    • Improve decision making capabilities, even during a crisis
    • Ensure decisions are:
      • Focused on core issues
      • Timely but mindful of future impact
      • Risk aware and forward-looking with a view of today, next week and next month

    Solution Benefits

    Link to: Supporting Municipal & Regional Response & RecoveryLink to: Supporting Healthcare Response & RecoveryLink to: DPR For Pharmaceutical Industries

    We Can Help Now

    Watch to learn how Scarsin has focused its top talent, experience and technology directly at the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis. We’re moving fast to launch a solution in April.

    Fast, Flexible COVID-19 Forecasting

    This video highlights the critical challenge of Daily Dynamics to Healthcare decision makers and how Scarsin’s Integrated Insight Environment (i2e) delivers Fast & Flexible capabilities. Includes a demonstration of the i2e Forecasting platform and how the use of Microsoft Office quickly delivers important capabilities to Healthcare decision makers.

    We can help fight COVID-19 Now!

    Why Scarsin-COVID?

    Our Experience

    Our Technology

    • When lives depend on decisions, Scarsin delivers
    • 15+ years serving Global Life Sciences leaders including: Bayer, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Janssen and Novartis
    • Experience with 100+ diseases including: Infectious disease, hypertension, COPD, Diabetes, Oncology and Stroke prevention
    • Hundreds of Patient Flow Forecast models developed
    • Experience with robust epidemiology data
    • Agile methodology for fast iterations
    • Advanced capabilities for choosing and deploying the right forecasting methodologies, including robust Patient Cohorting
    • Data science experts leveraging healthcare data to improve decision making
    • A skilled and diverse team, including a PhD who developed H1N1 models
    • Compliance with the most stringent data security and audit standards
    Our Technology

    Resources for the COVID-19 Fight

    Download the Scarsin Solution Overview

    Download The Information Sheet

    Download The Pandemic Modelling Research Paper

    We can help fight COVID-19 NOW!

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